Our trash goes to a good place

Now that we have committed to leaving California, there are lots of things we won’t miss.  There are however a few things we will, the beach, the nice weather, fast food at every corner and the diversity.  What we are going to miss the most are the rad neighbors we have had over the years.  Hard working men and women who have a dream and passion.

As a manufacturing facility we go through a ton of trash.  We have done our best to recycle what we can but the reality is sometimes even recycling is not an easy thing to do.  So when we got a new neighbor who had a need for all of our trash we were pumped!  Now our sublimation paper, vectorply boxes, paper roll cores and plastic cores have a good place to go. What was trash to us was an instant profit margin gainer for our neighbor who as stated on his sign has an Empire of Pinatas!

Everyday we now haul our trash over to Pinata Empire rather than the trash can and it feels good!  Little kiddies are now getting candy dispensed from broken snowboard factory paper and boxes at raging hello kitty and angry bird parties all over southern California.

We will miss you Pinata Empire!!

snowboard trash into a pinata

Pinata Empire

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