“snowboarding was more than parks, lifts, and crowds.”

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Spot sports joins the American Gear Company family of brands.  American Gear Company is comprised of Monson Snowboards Mfg, Humanity Snowboards and Spot Sports.

We are excited to begin to develop the Spot concept by utilizing a unique marketing perspective and in house manufacturing capabilities.  Andy Berg will be joining the team full time in June after his college graduation, here is the Spot Story….

In 2010, Andy and Ron Berg decided to create something that would embody the unique way that they saw snowboarding.  To them, snowboarding was more than parks, lifts, and crowds.  It was always about exploration and creativity.  Stepping out of the “snowboard scene” for a moment to get lost in the mountains and discover what snowboarding was for themselves.
Spot was born from this perspective- discovering new places to fill with creative riding, connecting the riders to that sense of newness that they felt when they first found snowboarding.
Today, the idea of Spot can be found in numerous boardsports where riders attempt to find that newness again, so they explore new places and try new things.  We build snowboards, wakeboards, skimboards, and soon to be more, both to encourage existing riders to rediscover these amazing sports, and to invite new riders to be creative and have as much fun as possible.  We only live once, so live Spot.

Over the coming months, look for Spot products at a few retailers across the country. Additionally be sure to look out for our Humanity line in Specialty shops.

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  1. Louise Sargent says:

    I purchased a bench and the bolts are not flush to the board they stick
    K up about a 1/4 inch. Did you give me the wrong bolts?

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