Splitboard with C6 Technology!

While Daniel was on the Humanity snowboard tour in February he met up with the guys at snocon in Seattle. Snocon has been successfully splitting boards and providing completes to consumers.  Because we have our own factory, it only made sense for us to work together to develop a great split board with all the hardware for a reasonable price.  Here is a picture of the first Humanity C6 split by snocon!  We are excited about working with them, so if you are in the market for a split board, snocon is the place.

More pictures to come!

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4 Comments to “Splitboard with C6 Technology!”

  1. unai says:

    have you got splitboard model?

    • Ryan M says:

      Hi Unai,

      Yes, this is a splitboard with our C6 technology. It is available for purchase if that is what you are asking.

  2. unai says:

    I am interested in purchasing this product, you could send me information about spiltboard table. thanks

    • Ryan M says:

      Contact Daniel (daniel@humanitysnowboards.com) he runs our Humanity brand and he can give you all the details about the splitboard.

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