humanityskim Get The “gruff” 46 Humanity skimboard. It’s got a wood core built with resin instead of wood glue and full pbt sublimated graphics. Get yours now!
Price: $129.00
 Spot Skimboard The Spot “Fish On” is a 39″ board made with a wood core, composite resin and fully subliamted PBT graphics.

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After moving to St. George last summer we were surprised to find that skimboarding is a viable sport, and has a huge following not only in the coastal cities, but also inland.  One of our business philosophies is that we need to utilize our asset base and diversify in order to ensure we stay healthy.  It only made sense to design and set up to manufacture skimboards of all types, we did just that.  We developed a few models utilizing both sandwich and cap constructions using wood and foam along with fiberglass and full pbt graphics.

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