Screen View VS Actual Snowboard – Zelda

You can see that the screen image does look slightly different, however the actual board look amazing. It look even better in real life! So to ensure your file prints to your expectations, a lot of it comes down to the quality of image provided!

This custom snowboard is a great example of the print quality you can achieve when we are provided a good file. The custom sent over a file with these specifications:custom-board-file-resolution


Here is a picture of the custom snowboard Tip:


Here is a close up of the tail:


Shown here is a pic of the digital file along side the actual manufactured snowboard.

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2 Comments to “Screen View VS Actual Snowboard – Zelda”

  1. Derrick Gladwell says:

    I would want to buy one of those

  2. Derrick Gladwell says:

    can i order one off this website? i need it about 157 cm tall by about 32 cm wide

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