Retail progress with our Spot brand

Custom snowboards, promotional snowboards and OEM snowboards have been coming out of our factory for over 16 years.  Because we have always been so busy building other companies products we never seemed to have time to really push our own. The results has been a small industry footprint of our house brands Humanity and Spot.  One of our goals when we moved to St. George Utah 13 months ago was to allocate time and resources to our own brands and utilize our facility to live our own dreams.

Progress has been made! In June of this year we brought on Andy Berg as a full time employee to fast track the artistic direction of our brands.  Andy had been freelancing for us for a few years, but we felt in it was time to bring him in.  The result has been amazing! Andy has created and is continually creating new artistic concepts for our brands to help convey our messages, attitude and position in the industry through the artwork.

Check out Andy’s work!

Moving to St. George has presented us with many opportunities, one of those opportunities was to develop a relationship with Costco.  Costco is not an easy retailer to get in, it took us 9 months to go through the screening process and for them to accept us as a roadshow vendor. We had to prove that as a company we produce good products, are properly insured and able to keep up with the potential demand.  This does not mean that you will find our boards on a pallet in Costco, what this means is that we have a proper display and a full time sales staff that talk to and qualifies the customers, ensuring they are buying the right board for their needs.

The house brand that we are selling through Costco is Spot.  We decided to use pour Spot brand as our Costco and big box retail brand to help accomplish our goals with that brand.  We want to see snowboarding start to grow again, we want to take a brand to the masses that we know the customer will enjoy.  To accomplish this, we take boards that are slightly different to the Costco store depending on the location.  As an example, the Southern California Mountains and snow conditions are different from those in Utah or Colorado.  Because we have our own factory, we can make boards more specific to the regions are selling in.

Some may ask, why not Humanity in Costco?  Humanity is a specialized brand with technologies that are typically purchased the a rider who needs that technology.  The average Costco customer does not need our C5 tech, so there is no reason to try to sell them on it.  We also wanted to keep our Humanity brand small and exclusive.

We have worked hard to get where we are, and we are appreciative to all those who have supported us through the years.  We have seen great years and we have seen terrible years, we have survived two recessions and outlasted 100’s of brands.  It’s now time for us to have industry presence and not just be an OEM factory.

If you have questions about Monson, Spot, or Humanity contact us!

Here are some images from our Summer Roadshow’s at Costco, stay tuned for our winter schedule.

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