Progress to the wood shop!

Today was a day we have all been anxious for, the day we finally got the gantry on the C&C machine and scooted it into place.  We had been looking around for machine skates during the past few weeks with no luck here in St. George.  It wasn’t until some old guy passing by stopped in to see who had moved in, took a look at it and said “Just roll it on pipes”, Genius!  So yesterday we went down to the steel yard and picked up 18 12″ steel pipes for $19 and scooted the machine to the front of the building. The gantry weighs about 7000 lbs and is front heavy.  So we have to use a ridiculously large forklift to get it off the ground, the problem was that forklift did not fit in the door!

The game plan was to use the big lift to get the gantry off the ground (while the lift was still outside), chain it to the lift, push the table underneath it, drop the gantry and bolt it down.  Then we would push the entire machine in pipes back into place.  Well it took in total 3 forklifts, 5 dudes and half the day but the machine is in place and ready for wiring.

As mentioned in every progress post, we still have tons to do, but we are making daily progress! Here are some pics of the progress.

Note that in our California factory, this machine took up an entire 600 SF unit!

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