Wood Cores

Wood is the best material for the snowboard cores. Many different types of wood is used to create desired strength and flex. We typically use poplar in our production, however since we have our own wood shop for OEM clients and special projects we make custom core layups. The customer can specify what type of wood and stringers they want and we make it happen.  All of our OEM snowboards have seam-free wood!  That means they are strong.

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  1. myles says:

    I’m curious how much you charge for an order of 10 all poplar snowboard cores. They would need to be for a 156 cm board with edges all the way around. How thick do you make the cores’ profile at the waist? How thick do you make the profile at the tip and tail?


  2. Monson Mfg. says:

    Hi Myles,

    On a typical 156 we make the core profile in this thickness: (.080,.270,.080) however we can make them in just about any center thickness you want. If you check out the materials product page (http://monsonboards.com/store-2/shop-materials) you can see the options. All cores come with sidewall material to match the profile and inserts.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.

  3. Jeff says:

    I was wondering how much a 160 core with no edges or sidewalls would cost. also what is your minimum order?

    • Monson Mfg. says:

      Hey Jeff,
      How quickly did you need it? Give us a call mid week of next 435-627-2425 and we will help you out.


  4. Andrew S says:

    How much would a 150 core with no side walls or edges cost?

    thanks, appreciate it

  5. lukas bradshaw says:

    could i Possibly get a 172cm core made?

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