10 years ago Monson worked with a chemist to formulate a resin system that had the bonding and flex characteristics that we thought were ideal. After 6 months of trial and error, we were able to formulate a system that accomplished our goal. Boards were strong and responsive due to the rubber content in the epoxy. We feel that it is the best resin available, however, most resin systems used in snowboards today are pretty good. So we can build custom or OEM snowboards with a good quality off the shelf resin, or we can use our proprietary system for added performance.

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  1. tyler says:

    im curious about your resin . epoxy itself isnt all that ideal for snowboards its very hard a brittle its used because of its bonding capabilities and its stiffness. there are some special impact resistant epoxies that are semi rigid im more interested in hybrid resins for my own snowboards. is this like what you use. a poly urethane epoxy hybrid. polyurethane actually has better bonding capabilities then epoxy in some cases . i usualy laminate my boards using pre cured and tensioned parts. id like to be able to laminate the core and various parts with slightly different resins in the poly urethane content. possibly using mostly epoxy for pre curing the fiberglas then bonding the board together with a high urethane content this would be able to avoid delamination and provide some level of shock absorbance and impact resistant. while the pre-cured parts will provide the stiffness. is a hybrid resin better and different to a modified semi-rigid epoxy. making a hybrid resin takes more then just mixing the two together although the hardener that makes isocyanates into a urethane can also be used as a hardener for epoxy the curing times differ so to create a true hybrid the isocyanate needs to be modified for slower curing times. i was wondering what kind of insight you can give me on this and if this is similar to how your resin is made

    • Monson Mfg. says:

      Hey Tyler,

      We use a few different types or resin’s depending on what we are building. For some applications we use epoxies with few additives so that it cooks quick. For our high end Humanity line we use a resin that has a high rubber content for durability and improved flex characteristics. This type of resin does take much longer to cure in the press.

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