Plastics are used on both the top and base of the snowboard. There are different grades and types of plastic based on the performace, printing and price needs of the snowboard or project. Here is a list of plastics we use in our process:

  • Iso Sport 4160 (pbt) , 8100 (nylon) and 8210 (direct print nylon) Top sheets. Pbt is a fantastic material used on most snowboard production. Is is durable, vibrant and cost effective. We typically sublimate the material to achieve rich, bright colors that are permanent. Nylon is a great material for Skis or snowboards that see a bit more abuse than typical.
  • Iso Sport 7500 Sintered base material. We sublimate and direct print this material. Iso Sport supplies the best plastics around. They are a bit pricey, however when you need consistency they are the best. Sublimating base material subjects it to very high temps that can cause many plastics to react in unfavorable ways. Iso 7500 is the best choice for a sublimated graphic.
  • Iso Sport 1500 Extruded. Extruded material is actually a great material for snowboards. It is true that extruded material is softer than sintered, however it holds wax better and is faster on the snow. We direct print this material using a proprietary print process by which we feed the materials directly into the back of a large format printer. This gives us excellent quality eliminates the need for expensive screens.
  • Crown durasurf galleria. We use this for sublimating and direct printing. Galleria is tough and domestic!

Top sheets sublimated to PBT

Humanity Top Sheet on PBT

Humanity Top Sheet on PBT


Sublimated Base

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  1. Luciano says:

    Hi Brian,
    I call you yesterday,
    I like to know if you can do the job, as we talk on facebook.
    I have time to send the printing PBT to next friday to chicago,
    please don’t forget to send me the form to place the formal order,
    waiting for your feedback

  2. michael stewart says:

    Where do I find rubber foil for the bottom for my snowboard

  3. Nice article, very informative. The photo links all seem to be down though – any chance for a re–upload? Do you have any experience with wooden snowboards?


  4. derek says:

    would like to purchase some clear iso 7500 base. price please!


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