Mt Dew 2012

Mountain Dew has always been a huge supporter of action sports! In fact they just announced an extension of the tour. (Read More about it)  We have enjoyed working with them over the past few years on projects.

Mountain Dew Snowboards

Mountain Dew Snowboards

Mountain Dew Snowboards getting packed up!

Boards getting packaged.

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3 Comments to “Mt Dew 2012”

  1. Asier says:

    I wanna one of them where could i get it

    • Monson Mfg. says:

      Hi Asier,
      I am not sure where you can get one, we were contracted to build them fro Mt. Dew. Consequently we can’t sell them.

  2. Richie says:


    Three month ago you could win this snowboard here in the Nederlands after buying Mountain Dew. They were deliverd with switchback bindings.

    I read that this board is made by Burton, is that correct? If so, could you tell me which type of board it is, so that i can see the specifications?

    If possible, could you please sent me the specifications of this board? I attached my emailadress 🙂

    Thanks 🙂


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