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We are to small to change snowboarding, nor do we want to.  We would like to make a small difference in an extremely competitive market.  Monson Snowboards is one of the very few production facilities in America that makes snowboards not only for ourselves, but for other companies as well.  We are a low profile company and we choose to stay below the radar.  However we build more snowboards in our factory than people realize, enough to order materials in bulk and do every step of the process in house.  Monson is a manufacturing facility, so we decided to release a direct to consumer snowboard produced in our factory that carries a price that makes sense for entry level and beginners.  Riders who want to get involved but don’t want to spend a fortune doing it.

These snowboards are high quality, we use the same parts on these that we do on our higher end production.  The biggest difference is there are not multiple companies from distribution to retail that need to make a profit.  Monson does not have any team riders that need to get paid or expensive advertising campaigns.

If you are looking for a higher end board, one with a bit more tech you might want to check out our Humanity line.

The board is our park series available in sizes 151,154,157 and 159 and is packaged with a pair of Zuma pro aluminum bindings.

Bindings Features:
Features: Aluminum Base Plate and Heel Cup, Adjustable Molded 3D Ankle Strap, Tool-Less Forward Lean Adjuster, Adjustable Toe Ramp, Cap Strap, Asymmetric Highbacks and Base Plates, Aluminum Ratchets

Snowboard Features:

  • PBT sublimated top sheet
  • Black die cut extruded base
  • Rockwell Steel Edge
  • Stainless inserts
  • tri-ax fiberglass
  • poplar wood core
  • ASB sidewall
  • Rubber dampening
  • small quiver of sharpies
  • 2 year warranty

You will notice the artwork is just an outline of images and shapes.  We will also include a small quiver of sharpies so you can color it however you wish.

Inexpensive high quality snowboard

Inexpensive high quality snowboard

Price includes snowboard and bindings
Size 151 154 157
Contact 120 121.2 124
Tip/Tail Width 29.2 29.4 29.7
Waist Width 24.7 24.9 25.1
Side Cut Radius 780 795 819
Tip/Tail Length 16 16.9 16.5
Stance 50->62 54->66 54->66
Flex (in) 0.270 0.275 0.280


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