Q?What format should I submit my artwork in?

ideally Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop.  However JPEG, TIF, RAW, PNG will all work.  The important part is to make sure the design is to scale and at a high enough resolution.  If the images are low resolution and small they will NOT print well!

Q?How long does it take to build and ship my custom board?

Our typical turn around time on a single custom snowboard or wakeboard is two weeks.

Q?Can Monson do custom shapes?

Absolutely!  In fact we encourage customers to dream up their own shapes and technologies.

Q?What do we build?

We build high end snowboards for other snowboard brands, promotional snowboards, wakeboards and longboards.

Q?Why are prices not posted?

Because there are many factors that dictate price such as qty’s, production times and build complexities we don’t publish prices. In order for us to develop a production program that works for both parties we need to understand your needs first. For this reason we like to have a phone conversation prior to provided prices.

Q?Does Monson just do custom graphics?

No! We are a full service factory so we can customize your board in any way possible. Of course there are costs associated with full customization, but we can do it. If you are an OEM brand and you want a unique lineup, we an make that a reality for you. We always encourage new and existing brands to develop technologies unique to their company.

Q?Where do your raw materials come from?

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