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Direct Printing method

Over the past year, we have been developing a way to directly print onto the snowboard plastics.  Sublimation is great, but on softer materials like bases the image gets blurry and fine lines disappear.  We wanted a way to get the quality of digital with the cleanliness of screen printing.  So after months of testing and modifying we have done it!  We can directly print on base material or top sheet material digitally, achieving photo like results.  This eliminates the need to burn screens and gives the customer the opportunity to design any graphic using infinite amounts of color.

Printing digitally is also a huge advantage when sampling production runs.  We can run single prints and put the board through the production process quickly without all the costly set up fees.

In the above image we are directly printing on Crown Plastics top sheet material.

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  1. Ray says:

    How much is it going to cost for a topsheet and a base

  2. daniel v. says:

    We are in the skateboards Industry and looking for some slick bottom printed
    I need your help on it. we are talk about 100 PCS. please call me 310-663-9251

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