Direct Print Base

Direct Base Printing

Earlier today we showed you a direct print top, here is a base coming off the printer right now.  This is being printed on ISO 1500 extruded material.  Though this material is soft, it is extremely fast on the snow and finishes up like glass!

We often print on Durasurf, and ISO sport 7500 sintered materials.

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4 Comments to “Direct Print Base”

  1. Chris says:

    what kind of ink are you guys using? something epoy based? does it bond well?

    • Ryan M says:

      Hey Chris,
      Yes it is an epoxy ink and took us about a year to dial in the process. We had to make some modifications to the printer and learn how to post process the plastics. It all work amazing now and give us tremendous flexibility! We can print today and press tomorrow..

  2. stan says:

    If I just want to customize one top sheet and one base sheet, do I just send you guys the design or I have to ship you guys the snowboard too? And what are the price for one top sheet and one base sheet?

    • Ryan M says:

      Hey Stan,
      We build the snowboards here at our factory, so you would just need to send us the artwork. Do you have the design in digital form?

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