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If you are wondering how your snowboard will print, take a look at these articles Digital Vs Actual.

Have you ever wanted to design your own snowboard, wakeboard or longboard and have it made? Well now you can!  Our on-line designer will allow you to create as many designs as you want and if you choose we can build the board for you.

The system accepts JPEG, GIF, PNG and vector SWF files, but be sure use a high resolution image.  The final result will only be as god as the images used.   You can design the top and base of your custom board and there are no limitations to the amount of colors or images used.

There is a great on-line tool called vector magic to convert your images to vector files so they can be scaled. If you need help or would like us to do it for you email us the artwork to and we will convert the file and send it back within 24 hours.

If you have any questions please let us know be emailing or you can always call us at 435-627-2425.

You can see what some other people have designed by viewing samples.

To get started:

  1. Open Designer and design your board.
  2. Order your board.
  3. We take care of the rest.


(click image to start)

Design your custom snowboard or wakeboard on-line!

Design your custom snowboard or wakeboard on-line!



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38 Comments to “Design it on-line!”

  1. Mike says:

    Do you guys offer any sizing customizations on snowboards? For example, I’m looking to customize a snowboard design but I am in need of a wide board.

  2. Monson Mfg. says:

    Hi Mike,

    What size and width were you looking for?

    -Monson Mfg.

  3. Mike says:

    I am looking for a length between 162 and 165cm with a waist width of 27 or 27.5cm. (165 by 27.5 is preferable).

  4. Monson Mfg. says:

    We have a 165 park series with a waist of 26.2. We also have our C6 with a waist of 26.3, however the C6 is actually a bit wider. The waist measurement is taken from the inside of the side-cut bump, the outside of the bump, or actual snow contact point is 26.8. So it’s close!

    -Monson Mfg

  5. matt says:

    If im 5’10 right now and suposed to grow to about 6’2 what size should I get that would be little big now and a little small later.

  6. Kirk says:

    I have size 18 boots. Can you make something for that size of boot to eliminate toe and heel drag?

  7. Mike says:

    Regarding your most recent response to me; The on-line designer does not have the 165 C6 as an option. What would be my steps from here on out to pursue that option.

    • Monson Mfg. says:

      Hi Mike,

      You can design it using the 158 template, we can still build your board in the 165.

      Monson Mfg.

  8. Jen says:

    I just ordered a custom board from you guys, but I cannot find anywhere how long it will be expected to create then ship the board. Also, where does it ship from?

    Thank you!

    • Monson Mfg. says:

      Hi Jen,

      Thanks for giving us a shot! Our typical turn around time is two weeks, however let us know if you need it sooner. Our factory is in St. George Utah and we will ship from there.

      Monson Mfg.

  9. Tucker says:

    Do you have the template for a slalom board or what is your stiffest board on the customs? Im looking for a slalom board but also want to do a custom one. can you help????

  10. Matlock says:

    I recently designed a board, but when I went back to edit it/see both sides of the board, I was only able to see the top. There is some sort of error that is not allowing me to edit or see the bottom side. Is there a way to fix that? Or is there at least a way for me to look at both pictures, maybe by email or something?

    • Monson Mfg. says:

      Hey Matlock,
      Are you designing a snowboard or wakeboard? Can you see the images in your account page?

      • Matlock says:

        I am designing a snowboard. I can only see the top of the board image. The other one will not load at all. Also, when I go into the “edit” portion, it only has the text i put on the top of the board, not the design or text for the bottom.

  11. hi, im looking for someone to build my custom Noboard or snow surf. so no binding attachment needed, 130cm, a fish noise 31.5cm, waist 26.5, tail 31cm turned up. thanks

  12. Snowy Coleman says:

    Hey Guys, My name is Snowy Coleman. I’m a ski business major here near Aspen, Colorado. I was looking into the plastics you use to manufacture your boards ,and I have a couple of questions on the steps it takes to order your materials? Your 2013 lineup looks great!

    • Monson Mfg. says:

      Hey Snowy,

      We use European plastics primarily. What did you need? Thanks, we are proud of our line up this year!

  13. Kevin says:

    Hi, I was wondering if you guys could make a C6 board in a smaller size than the ones listed on your templates.

  14. Mitchell says:

    Can you guys do custom designing like Michigan sate snowboards?

  15. Ryan Leverett says:

    How long does it usually take to save board creations? I cannot seem to be able to save my board creations. I do not know if it is the pictures I am uploading or some other conflict.

    • Monson Mfg. says:

      Hey Ryan,

      It should only take about 30 seconds. We did update our server to the most recent versions of PHP and have noticed some new bugs. We are working them out and the system should be running smoothly this coming week. You can download templates from our site free of charge and design your board using any graphic software.

      Monson Mfg.

  16. Nadah V says:

    My boyfriend is a disabled Marine veteran, and I am having trouble coming up with the perfect board for him. His birthday is in October, and he works at a ski resort. He will be on the ski patrol next season, and I don’t know much about snowboards. I want to create a USMC themed board, but I also want to build a board that would also be good for all terrain as far as snowboarding is concerned. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

  17. Justin says:

    Hey just wondering. I pay for the wake board. Then I customize it?

    • Monson Mfg. says:

      Hey Justin,

      You can design the board using our on-line designer prior to purchasing the board. Once you are done you can then purchase it if you want.


  18. Renee says:

    I’m looking for a 154 snowboard with my own graphics and I was wondering how much does that usually run?

  19. Gabriel says:

    Hello, would like to know if you would offer a discount, we are the Anthony Robbins Foundation which helps out dozens of programs and the proceeds of this item (snowboard)would contribute to those programs that we run here at the foundation. If the price you give us is good then we would like to work with you for future events. The board that I have made are different ones, # 603755F4-264B-E99D-DA53-865B244117DC and # 6599DD19-1EC4-4185-4753-8655050881A8. Would like to know what the price would be. And if we decide to go with you, what would the time frame be to get one? Thank you hope to hear back soon.

    Gabriel Juarez
    Anthony Robbins Foundation
    9672 via Excelencia, Suite 102, San Diego, CA 92126
    P: 858.444.3080 | F: 858.653.5286

    • Monson Mfg. says:

      Hi Gabriel,

      Call the factory 435-627-2425 and lets see how we can help!

      American Gear Co.
      -Monson Mfg.
      -Humanity Snowboards

  20. Alisher says:

    Hey I want to make a board but i want the Bmw M Logo on the bottom, Is there any specific way i could do that? Thanks

  21. Brittany says:

    Hey I’m trying to find a board for my daughter but the smallest one I’ve come across is 80cm.. Any chance you guys would be able to make a smaller one? About 67-70cm?

  22. Randy Connelly says:

    I have an awesome new idea for Snow boards to attach them to any pair of shoes or boots if you want to reach me here is my email address

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