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Facebook 500

Lets give this another try…It’s summer so lets give a wakeboard away! Or if you don’t wakeboard we are always making snowboards and would love to give one of those away also. So as everyone can tell based on our number of Facebook likes that we are terrible at social...
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Early Shipping

This past winter may have been a strange one, coming late or never in some areas, but it has not stopped companies from getting their production rolling early this year. In an effort to help support our OEM brands, we are already starting to ship 2012/2013 product! It’s so awesome...
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88% Rule

We build custom snowboards for lots of individuals, and the question we probably get asked the most by beginners is “What is the best size for me?”  Well, if you absolutely don’t know what size board you need, or what type of riding you will be doing. You can use...
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