Custom Snowboard Benches

It’s no surprise we do a lot of work in the corporate and promotional space, we have an amazing factory and a skilled team so it’s important to us that we keep them busy and working!  We have always felt that diversifying was one way to grow and keep our little company strong and healthy. As new opportunities arise, we analyze and consider if it’s worthwhile to invest in setting up.  Many times we turn down the project or opportunity for various reasons, but occasionally we get a project that we get excited to tackle.

The snowboard bench is one of those projects, and we are super excited to add it to our line of products.  The frame is light weight and can be powder coated in just about any color possible. We typically stick to black because it matches everything allowing us to keep some fabricated ones on hand.  We either use real snowboards that are left over, build new ones or to help keep costs down we can make boards that are non functional and just used for the bench.

Custom Snowboard Bench

Custom Snowboard Bench

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