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Be Creative, design a snowboard or wakeboard

Be Creative!   Creating the artwork for a custom snowboard or wakeboard is many people dream.  We have an on-line tool that is not perfect by any means, but it does allow people the opportunity to be creative and make any design they wish.  There is no obligation to buy...
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Retail progress with our Spot brand

Custom snowboards, promotional snowboards and OEM snowboards have been coming out of our factory for over 16 years.  Because we have always been so busy building other companies products we never seemed to have time to really push our own. The results has been a small industry footprint of our...
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Wakeboard Shop

  Spot is a brand of American Gear Company, we build all our Spot products in our St. George factory! EXPRESSION MODEL $436.00 BINDINGS INCLUDED The Spot EXPRESSION model is made from a cross linked PVC foam with a poplar stringer of wood spanning the entire length of the board. ...
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Enid Event Center Custom Wakeboard

“ We were very pleased with how prompt and friendly the service was. The board was everything we could have wanted and more!  It was a definite hit with Gary Allan, who quoted, ‘I’m going to ride the heck out of this thing!’ Thanks Monson Boards!” Enid Event Center and...
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Custom Wakeboards for Boat Shops

Everyday we get the opportunity to build great products and few weeks ago we build some wakeboards for Germaine Marine in Arizona. So if your in the area, head on over and pick one up, it’s a great way to support two U.S. businesses! If you have a boat shop...
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Official Launch of Spot Wakeboards and Skimboards

VISIT OUR SPOT SITE Action sports have always been a major part of everyone involved with American Gear Company, so it seemed only fitting that we develop a line of wakeboards and skimboards.  Our first wakeboard came off the press in the spring of 2011, it was a company challenge...
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Instagram Photo Feed

Our factory is a busy place, so enjoy some photos of our factory, offices and in some cases our personal lives! Give us a follow on Instagram Like this:Like Loading......
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Wakeboard News, Videos and Photos

We have come along way in our wakeboard production since last summer. We’ve retooled, added sizes, and experimented with lots of variations of cores and construction methods. We are happy with the product and the experience it creates, we do however have many more tricks up our sleeve and can’t...
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