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Drowning in Raws

As production continues to heat up, our factory is beginning to drown in raw materials as shown by today’s deliveries.  We are excited about parts showing up from CDW, ISO Sport, Vectorply and Stratta Forest. We still have more shipments coming from ISO Sport, La-Es, CDW, Composites one and Revchem...
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Cap Skate deck

Periodically throughout the year we get projects to make long boards, so Daniel decided to make on a bit different. Last week engineer Daniel had an idea to make a cap skate tool for a run of boards. To make the graphic cap around the edge Daniel had to make...
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Early Shipping

This past winter may have been a strange one, coming late or never in some areas, but it has not stopped companies from getting their production rolling early this year. In an effort to help support our OEM brands, we are already starting to ship 2012/2013 product! It’s so awesome...
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Mt Dew 2012

Mountain Dew has always been a huge supporter of action sports! In fact they just announced an extension of the tour. (Read More about it)  We have enjoyed working with them over the past few years on projects. Like this:Like Loading......
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First Humanity Wakeboard!

We knew Daniel would come up with some sort of funny graphic to put on the first Humanity wakeboard. I am not sure if and when these will go on sale, but we will let you know!! m4s0n501 Like this:Like Loading......
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Splitboard with C6 Technology!

While Daniel was on the Humanity snowboard tour in February he met up with the guys at snocon in Seattle. Snocon has been successfully splitting boards and providing completes to consumers.  Because we have our own factory, it only made sense for us to work together to develop a great...
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Part of the Family

The finish on a snowboard is one of the most important part of the manufacturing process. It is a skill that takes time to learn and the right equipment. A well ground and tuned snowboard will not only look better on the store shelf, it will perform better when in...
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Nope Tomoe Gozen

Every year we get new OEM accounts, and this year one that has kept us particularly busy is Nope. This is a picture of the bases rolling out of our direct printer for their up coming project. Like this:Like Loading......
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Direct Print Base

Earlier today we showed you a direct print top, here is a base coming off the printer right now.  This is being printed on ISO 1500 extruded material.  Though this material is soft, it is extremely fast on the snow and finishes up like glass! We often print on Durasurf,...
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Direct Print Top

Over the past year, we have been developing a way to directly print onto the snowboard plastics.  Sublimation is great, but on softer materials like bases the image gets blurry and fine lines disappear.  We wanted a way to get the quality of digital with the cleanliness of screen printing. ...
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