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day to day happenings at the factory

Thanks to our hardworking crew

This time of year is always nuts,  orders are at the highest of the year and Holiday’s can be distracting.  But we are thankful for a hardworking staff that puts int her time and energy to get it done year after year.  A good portion of our success is attributed...
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It’s Cold

After having our factory in Southern California for 16 years, we got spoiled to the mild spring like weather during the winter months.  St. George has been great, the summers are hot, fall is perfect, but this past week has been colder than we are used to.  It’s one thing...
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Instagram Photo Feed

Our factory is a busy place, so enjoy some photos of our factory, offices and in some cases our personal lives! Give us a follow on Instagram Like this:Like Loading......
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“snowboarding was more than parks, lifts, and crowds.”

Spot sports joins the American Gear Company family of brands.  American Gear Company is comprised of Monson Snowboards Mfg, Humanity Snowboards and Spot Sports. We are excited to begin to develop the Spot concept by utilizing a unique marketing perspective and in house manufacturing capabilities.  Andy Berg will be joining...
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Custom Snowboards for Bands

The music industry has been using snowboards for years. We have seen them sold at concerts and offered as exclusive merch to fans. Another popular way the bands are using snowboards is to collaborate with local radio stations and resorts. For years Monson has had the great opportunity to build...
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Humanity Growth Planning

Having a large surface to plan is a great way to see the big picture. So in our new factory, we decided to make one huge wall our chalkboard wall and use it to layout , organize and strategize our plans and growth. Here is just a photo of the...
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Our trash goes to a good place

Now that we have committed to leaving California, there are lots of things we won’t miss.  There are however a few things we will, the beach, the nice weather, fast food at every corner and the diversity.  What we are going to miss the most are the rad neighbors we...
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