Base Grinding

As we settle into our new factory, we thought it would be a good idea to periodically take videos of the processes for everyone to see.  Here is a little video of Ule base grinding some boards that need to make their way into a shipping crate this afternoon.

In the video you will see that Ule wears gloves, this is to protect his hands from razor sharp edges.  He also flips the board around with each pass to make sure that the entire board is ground evenly.

The feed wheels are adjustable and can feed the board a varying speeds, he adjusts these speeds depending on what grit belt he is using.  The sanding belt is hit with water that contains a water soluble oil.  The oil keeps the machine lubed and also keeps the plastic cool as it gets sanded.

As you can see this machine gets tons of use!  We try our best to keep it looking new, but when you run 20-40 boards daily through it, it gets worn.

We also decided not to overlay the sweet sounds of a factory with some copyright infringed music…Enjoy!

Snowboard Base Grinding from Monson Snowboards on Vimeo.

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  1. Hello I live in Omaha Ne. I would like to know info on custom snowboards. pricing minimums. let me know thanks Guy

    • Monson Mfg. says:

      Hi Guy,
      Give us a call 435-627-2425 and we can go over some of our production programs.

      Monson Snowboards Mfg.

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