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Screen View VS Actual Snowboard

Most people use design software to design their custom snowboards and wakeboards.  We get asked frequently “will my board look just like my screen image”?  The answer is probably not!  However it will look really close, there are just a vast amount of factors that need to be considered.  Screen...
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Abigail Berg shredding

Many people are familiar with Any Berg, he does a lot of the artwork for our Humanity and SPOT line of snowboards.  But most don’t know that he has a super awesome wife that can shred and is also a talented artist.  Here is a great edit of Abigail showing...
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Deeper than Snow

We were fortunate to make some custom snowboards for the film “Deeper than Snow” coming soon.  Here is the trailer: Like this:Like Loading......
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AGC Site

Our parent company American Gear Co. has just launched a new web site and store. Here you can buy overstock and factory seconds from our house brands and other projects we do over here.  You can also buy some of the other products we make in our factory.  Be sure...
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SHED Custom Snowboards

A few months ago we had the opportunity to provide some sweet custom snowboards for the SHED in Canada.  Here are some pics of the boards that we did using great artwork they provided. The quality of the print is mostly dependent on the quality of the file provided. These...
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