Our Amber Colored Resin

In 1999 we were building our snowboards with die cut aluminum tip and tail protectors. You can see the funny old video below we made back in the late 90’s to see them. When we were having a hard time bonding the aluminum we went sought after a chemist who could help. Over the course of 6 months and a dozen prototype resins, he came up with a formula that was perfect.

Most of the resin systems you see in today’s factory videos appear clear, you will notice that our resin has a deep amber color.  This amber color is caused by the high content of rubber along with very high quality base ingredients.  This resin system is one reason why snowboards made in our factory have a lively feel.  The epoxy is pliable and does not break down as it is used.  Meaning the “pop” of your board will remain over a longer period of time.

Having a high quality resin does have it’s drawbacks.  It takes 3 times longer to cure in the press and it is costly!!

High quality snowboard resin

High quality amber colored snowboard resin

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