88% Rule

We build custom snowboards for lots of individuals, and the question we probably get asked the most by beginners is “What is the best size for me?”  Well, if you absolutely don’t know what size board you need, or what type of riding you will be doing. You can use this simple formula to figure out what size board you should start with.

Take your height in inches and convert it to centimeters, 1 inch = 2.54cm: so if you are 5 foot 9 it would be (69 * 2.54) = 175.26cm.  Then multiply that number by 88% or .88 (175.26*.88) = 154.23.  So you would want a 154 cm board or something close.  Now this is just our own theories, what are yours?[egg id=”0″]

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  1. Origin Snow says:

    Seems like a sound formula to us!

    • Origin Snow says:


      I have a question on this.

      I’m going to use this to program an online tool to help determine which of our boards is the right fit per kid. I’d be happy to share this / build one for you guys as well, when complete.

      However, what role does weight play in this? We currently actually give a weight range, not a height, and I was wondering if we should continue to take weight into account with this new measurement tool or not.


      • Ryan M says:

        In my opinion weight should be more of a factor when determining the flex of your board and not necessarily the length. A light person will have a hard time on a super stiff board as a heavier person may find a softer board to forgiving.

        Because Origins are kids sizes, I am not sure you would need to consider weight. Lets get Daniels perspective! He will be back in town next week.

  2. Scott says:

    Hey guys,

    Just stumbled across this site as I am looking for a board for my 9 yr old. This is the first time I have seen some one asking the question regarding flex for groms. I challenge you to find an off the shelf grom board that is not a noodle and has a sintered base. Practically every grom board on the market has soft flex and an extruded base ( there is a grom board by Ellis with a sintered base). I have searched high and low for board options and this is the unfortunate reality. I understand grom boards are being made at a price point with ease of riding considered. It is frustrating to discover you can not purchase a higher end board in a smaller size for a younger person who is an advanced rider. It would be nice to have flex options and sintered base for groms.

    BTW cool site Orgin……nice to see you catering to the little rippers!

    • Ryan M says:

      Hey Scott,

      You should give the Origins a try. They are a bit stiffer and all have sintered Durasurf bases with nice bright sublimated graphics (that’s one way you can guarantee the base is sintered, you can’t sublimate extruded material).

    • Origin Snow says:

      Hello Scott!

      As Ryan mentioned, you should definitely check out our boards. We set out with that EXACT goal in mind: to produce higher end boards in a smaller sizes for younger advanced riders.

      Not that beginners can’t ride our boards, but we wanted to create a board that they can actually use. And I’d say we’ve achieved that.

      Contact me directly at info@originsnow.com. I can answer all your questions and get you a great deal here at the end of the season.


  3. Origin Snow says:


    Yes, we’ve had some feedback that our smallest sizes could be a bit softer. We’ve already addressed that and the new prototypes are coming out great. Still super poppy and responsive with great control. Certainly not the “noodles” that other brands are churning out.

    Can’t wait to start offering these new boards next season!

  4. Ryan M says:

    Hey Matt that prototype core Daniel made up was pretty sweet. How did the board ride?

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