Monthly Archives: June 2012

Our Amber Colored Resin

In 1999 we were building our snowboards with die cut aluminum tip and tail protectors. You can see the funny old video below we made back in the late 90’s to see them. When we were having a hard time bonding the aluminum we went sought after a chemist who...
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Our trash goes to a good place

Now that we have committed to leaving California, there are lots of things we won’t miss.  There are however a few things we will, the beach, the nice weather, fast food at every corner and the diversity.  What we are going to miss the most are the rad neighbors we...
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The move has Begun!

As the daunting task of moving a factory and all it’s employees draws closer, we had to begin somewhere.  So today we loaded up our C&C machine and sent it on it’s way up to the new facility.  We appreciate all the care that Coast Machinery Movers took in packing...
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